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An i4.0 Path Forward for Small and Midsized Manufacturers

Published April 24, 2023, By Andrew Gissal

The manufacturing industry is in a state of rapid transformation, as technology is increasingly being used to automate production and improve efficiency. In 2011, the concept of “Industry 4.0” or […]

Jackson’s Bearex to be Honored at the 19th Annual Michigan Celebrates Awards Gala

Published April 01, 2023, By Andrew Gissal

JACKSON, Mich. – March 28, 2023 — Bearex, a leading data analytics and aggregation company based in Jackson, Michigan Success is best when shared, and the event will gather over…

WHY WE ‘as a data analytics company’ RUN ON EOS

Published December 12, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

At Bearex, we have chosen to run on EOS, not because we knew it was a valuable option, but because we knew in order to succeed at the scale we…


Client Highlight: Classic Turning

Published October 17, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

Establishing Lean Daily Management Background:  For more than 40 years Classic Turning has been serving a multitude of industries, including aerospace, medical, precision industrial, high performance automotive, industrial machine building,…

What is an Outsourced Insights Team?

Published October 15, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

More and more, companies are seeing the value that comes with outsourcing their data analytics and operations by focusing on the lifted weight it creates across their budgets, bandwidth, and…

Outsourced Data Insights Team working with Business

The Bearex Process

Published September 14, 2022, By Tom Jurasek

Here at Bearex, we like to keep our process as streamlined and efficient as possible so that the time between discovery to full implementation happens as quickly as possible and…

Automate Production Scheduling and Morning Meetings

Published August 09, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

We are witnessing a highly juxtaposed labor market these days, where despite high unemployment rates, we are still seeing severe labor shortages with continuous demand from employers as they face…

Two manufacturing employees looking at how to automate production scheduling

Data Storytelling – How to Make your Reports More Compelling

Published July 20, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

So you want to tell the story of your data but don’t know where to start or how to make a compelling case for those who rely on reporting for…

Man planning out for data visualization strategy for data storytelling

Gain Access To A Gold-Mine of Information By Breaking Down Your Data Silos

Published June 28, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

You are sitting on a goldmine of information. The problem is that your data is not available nor does it communicate together effectively. In order to access this goldmine and…

Gain Access To A Gold-Mine of Information By Breaking Down Your Data Silos

Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation Grant

Published June 21, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on the options available through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, we want to share some information with you here on the…

How to Build an Effective EOS Scorecard

Published June 02, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

Your data can do more but time is limited and a complete overhaul is unnecessary and too risky – sound familiar? You’re not alone – and EOS can be your…

Bearex How to Build Effective EOS Scorecards Business
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