Maximizing Manufacturing Operations with Machine Data

Bearex is a IIoT integrator and platform provider for small to mid-size manufacturers.

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As a manufacturing shop, increasing profitability is key to your success. However, achieving that goal can be difficult when you don’t know how to improve overall utilization.

At Bearex, we understand the frustration that comes when you lack real-time information to make informed decisions and believe that you and your team should have access to machine data in order to make an immediate impact.

Data You Can Rely On

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Relying on manually capturing and inputting production data from the floor creates an inaccurate look into your true utilization.

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Connecting directly to the source, your machines, gives you an unbiased view into your true inefficiencies.

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Factors of utilization are delivered to all levels of your operations, so you can run a more profitable shop.

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Bearex Shop Pulse™

Profitability dashboard for your manufacturing operations.

With intuitive dashboards, insightful analytics, and powerful reporting capabilities, you can keep real-time pulse on your operations and gain actionable insights to drive costs down and profits up!

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Capture accurate data reports for machine capacity in order to quote RFP’s appropriately and quickly.

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Understand downtime reasons in order optimize maintenance teams and keep machines running optimally.

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Improve cycle times, setup times, and create more efficient tool changes.

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Shop Floor

Machine data is delivered in a way to provide true action.

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“Bearex has changed the way we run our business.”

Jeff V.
President, Production Saw & Machine Co

What Makes Bearex Different?

Machine data delivered in a way to provide true action.

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We Wear the Hat, So You Don’t Have to

Bearex works hand and hand with you to create a plan for implementation.

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ROI Focused

Our pricing and pilot program is specifically designed to help small to mid-size manufacturers.

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Little to No Training Needed

Our platform is easy to use so all members of your operation can begin use immediately.

How We Do It

Step 1

We start by connecting directly to the source - Your machines. Whether they are legacy or brand new, we offer options in order to gain the insight needed to deliver results.

Step 2

We combine information from your machines on parts produced with quality and scrap live from your operators.

Step 3

We then deliver a simplistic platform that provides a live view into your machine's current performance and OEE.

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Starting at $600/year per Machine

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Step 1 - Pilot

  • We are the integrator
  • Map of your shop with all connectivity information and plan for rollout
  • Pilot of up to 5 machines with Operator hubs
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Step 2 - Scale

  • Rollout phased out after the initial pilot
  • Usually 10 machines at a time
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Step 3 - Service & Support

  • Ongoing support and releases of new features
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Bearex Core Values

The best way to define our culture is through our core values. Every relationship from employees, customers, to vendors we filter and uphold these values as our guiding light.

Give A Damn

Be A World Class Teammate

Extreme Ownership

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