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Published December 12, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

WHY WE ‘as a data analytics company’ RUN ON EOS


At Bearex, we have chosen to run on EOS, not because we knew it was a valuable option, but because we knew in order to succeed at the scale we were striving for, it was our only option. 

With the Entrepreneurial Operating System, we are able to work off a fully referenceable toolkit of how our data can best support our issues, and what we can do to make it more operationally effective and usable. It teaches us best practices, for our industry and for our individual business, that allows us to better serve our clients and their needs. EOS takes into consideration both your people and processes so you don’t have to consciously find the balance between those doing the work and how the work is getting done. It sets your team up for success by ensuring clear communication and accountability. 

So why do we run on EOS? 

Reasons Bearex Runs on EOS 

  • Ensures we are all rowing in the same direction – Strategic, tactical, and analytical thinking is rooted on a concrete plan that covers overarching goals, quarterly/weekly initiatives, and day-to-day decision making.
  • Uncovers truths & issues faster – Mistakes in reporting, errors in systems, and informational gaps in data quickly come to the surface because everyone is working off a single source of truth.
  • Allows us to lead with purpose and common understanding – Communication is no longer disorganized and misconstrued because everyone knows they are working in the same direction.

All this is to say we are setting the precedent for our clients and others to follow suit because we have walked the walk and talked the talk firsthand when it comes to implementing and executing EOS. In order to successfully show you why EOS is beneficial to you and your team, we want to be able to prove through real testimonial. We now have the tools to educate, inform, and guide so you can avoid common mistakes, prepare properly, and navigate with ease. 

EOS should serve as the pillars to your data sources, highlighting areas for improvement where you currently see bottlenecks in efficiency. In doing so it addresses the pain points you’ve been facing so they can serve as the measurables that need more attention and the recurring questions you should address as a team at the start of every day. 


Here are some common pain points those of all industries may face that we’ve personally come across, along with what we’ve learned from them: 

  • Pain point #1 – It may seem like it, but not everything is an immediate fire to put out
    • What we’ve learned: EOS enables you to triage when you feel under pressure. It does more than help you prioritize a list of trying to get everything done, but instead get to your top priorities now while managing the rest as you go so you can still accomplish goal-focused initiatives. 
  • Pain point #2 – Making decisions off of gut feelings rather than with the information that is needed and the greater good in mind
    • What we’ve learned: When we aren’t looking at top actionable measurables weekly, things slip through the cracks which ultimately lead to fire chasing rather than focused effort on improving specific measurables that move us closer toward our goal. 
  • Pain point #3 – Inefficient meetings oo many differing opinions go into one decision, leading to a lack of real-time decision-making
    • What we’ve learned: EOS works to capture any and all opinions, but in a structured way so meetings aren’t spent digging into issues that are off topic or only focused on the negative. It allows you to achieve a Level 10 Meeting that is consistent and encouraging for all team members. 
  • Pain point #4 – Lack of accountability and team member responsibilities?
    • What we’ve learned: Perhaps you’re a manufacturer managing numerous operations, or an agile tech team needing to set realistic projections. No matter the case and no matter who you interact with, EOS helps ensure each individual on your team is staying on track and delivering to the standard that is expected of them. 

We’ve presented a lot of information here, but we’re here to make the process simple and easy to digest. If you’re interested in seeing how you can bring EOS into your business and where to get started, book a free 90-minute meeting with us and let’s get the conversation started. 


Andrew Gissal

As COO & EOS Implementer at Bearex, Andrew aims to help entrepreneurial businesses use data to gain traction through his experience in organizational leadership and startup sales & marketing.
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