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Published September 14, 2022, By Tom Jurasek

The Bearex Process

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Here at Bearex, we like to keep our process as streamlined and efficient as possible so that the time between discovery to full implementation happens as quickly as possible and your team can start seeing real operational impact from day 1. 

We find that leaders are often spending core productivity time out of their day making reactionary decisions or managing in-the-moment issues as they arise. Our process creates an Insights Hub for your organization that connects and merges all important data, creating a single place for answers and analysis. This way, inefficiencies are highlighted, patterns are captured, and time is more effectively spent on proactive measurables so you can start seeing real return. 

Our process can be broken down into 3 main stages – Discovery and Storyboarding, Development, and Continued Insights. We’ve designed it this way to keep all parties aligned, making progress easier to track, deliverables more attainable, and the finish line visible.

Discovery and Storyboarding

  1. Our team first meets with your key stakeholders and employees to discover the meetings you find most crucial and which reports / spreadsheets you utilize the most. This should be what typically can all be seen at the morning production meeting.
  2. Next, we’ll Storyboard a morning meeting unique to the needs of your people and data, working to ensure day to day impact on your most important initiatives and processes


  1. Development would then begin on your Insights Hub, led by our team of data analysts and developers.
  2. After development, your team will utilize and test the Insights Hub as a live pilot to see and confirm day-to-day impact.

Continued Insights

  1. Once confirmed, we would begin to strategize an organization-wide implementation plan, including more dashboards and data access
  2. Like all initiatives, new ones arise and accountability sometimes falls off. As your data insights team, we will analyze usage & initiatives quarterly, utilizing them to present recommendations and quick-wins to ensure you are getting the most out of your data. 
  3. As you become data-driven, we tend to see organizations need a system or process to help them remain accountable. With EOS, an operating system that breeds accountability and traction for your organization through a purposeful meeting pulse, our team will continue to support yours.

The Bearex Process serves as our ongoing and flexible support guide for you – our team will continuously reference it to ensure we are meeting the benchmarks we’ve set out with you from the beginning, and we encourage all clients to use it as a way to check-in, ask questions, and make changes as needed, whether it be during the implementation process or well after. A plan such as this allows us to deliver with structure and uphold standards to our best practices, but it is also intended to be flexible to your needs as they evolve and you discover new ways to leverage your data with various Bearex solutions. 


Tom Jurasek

Tom is the CEO & Visionary at Bearex, empowering data insights. With a background in CPA and CFO for-hire, he strives to simplify and help organizations have the information needed to make an informed decision.
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