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Jackson’s Bearex to be Honored at the 19th Annual Michigan Celebrates Awards Gala

Published April 01, 2023, By Andrew Gissal

JACKSON, Mich. – March 28, 2023 — Bearex, a leading data analytics and aggregation company based in Jackson, Michigan Success is best when shared, and the event will gather over […]

It’s Time to Rethink Data Analytics: How to Get from Analysis to Actionable Information

Published May 09, 2022, By Tom Jurasek

ERPs, Big Data, i4.0 (ie, connecting direct to machines), MRPs, MESs, spreadsheets and other data sources are running your various departments. All of these have advanced to hold greater capacities…

Man and woman reviewing data analytics report

How to Automate the Gemba Board Effectively

Published April 21, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

The workplace today has vastly evolved with the solutions, methods, and platformsthat now exist to better manage the challenges and inefficiencies impactingtheir day-to-day productivity. One of those tools, not as…

How Your Current Reports Are Failing You

Published March 18, 2022, By Tom Jurasek

Don’t let what’s critical to your business become stagnant. Reporting – we discuss it in meetings, it’s part of our daily review, and it may even provide knowledge externally to…

How Your Current Reports Are Failing You

What it Takes to Build Accountability with Data Visibility

Published March 02, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

It’s time for your data to provide more value. “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand…

The Manufacturers Comparative

Published February 18, 2022, By Caroline Bracey

Staying nimble in today’s competitive and challenging industry If you are a manufacturer in today’s competitive market, simply knowing how your company compares to other manufacturers likely won’t take you…

Using Data to Improve Performance Reviews

Published February 03, 2022, By Caroline Bracey

Employee performance & engagement is crucial to every business, and data accessibility can help. Ask yourself: How do you evaluate progress and productivity? Assess skills? Overarching, how do you measure…

We are Bearex

Published January 20, 2022, By Caroline Bracey

Business impact that goes beyond the data – from access to insight, measurable change starts here. Data Driven Business Management At Bearex, who we are explains what we do, and…

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