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Published January 20, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

We are Bearex


Business impact that goes beyond the data – from access to insight, measurable change starts here.

Data Driven Business Management

At Bearex, who we are explains what we do, and what we do defines who we are. No solution can be found and no problem can be uncovered unless we know your business on a personal level and what you use to define success. In order for our team to know yours, it’s important you also know what makes Bearex, Bearex.

We strive to show businesses the potential they have to make great decisions and spot the exceptions when their data can be harnessed to become more accurate, accessible, and applicable.

To break it down:

Who we are:

A team of data analysts, business management professionals, and technical solutions architects who work to develop a system-wide solution that harnesses data to drive your team’s actions.

What we do:

We empower business leaders to quickly discover insights hidden within your company’s data so every decision is a sound one.

How we do it:

With ongoing support and strategic recommendations, we handle everything from setup, to data connection, and full dashboard development.

We deliver on the understanding that the process to finding a solution isn’t always linear, nor absolute. That’s where two important values remain the foundation of our services – organizational unity and business continuity.

More simply put, operating on the now and focusing on the future.

Every strategic business decision must be made with both in mind – ensuring there is cohesiveness across the status of current issues, top initiatives, and systems operating now; and supporting the goals in place for further growth, agility and mission-wide success. With this mindset we also offer professional EOS implementation, with a certified EOS Implementer, in order for you to take your business to the next level.

The Bearex Difference

All this considered, you may still be asking, what makes Bearex different? Why not look elsewhere or develop internally?

When it comes to the way we work, our goal is to make a day-to-day impact on your business in a way that causes minimal to no interruption to your everyday processes, technology and people. We’re not here to implement a solution and change every aspect of how you operate only to leave you wondering how to sustain it with your existing resources. We will implement a solution that allows you to continue business as usual but makes more effective and efficient use out of those processes, technology, and people that run it; all while remaining conscious of your bottom line.

Consider us your part-time data and business analyst, saving you from the budget risks and resource constraints that also come with implementing data analytics internally. Once you’re up and running, the Bearex team will continue to support you with these three priorities in mind. We want to be your guide in:

  • Becoming actionable rather than reactive
  • Quickly discovering profit opportunities
  • Improving accountability

Bearex operates as your complete data insights team, creating an Insights Hub for your organization’s reporting, analytics, and data entry. The Insights Hub will drive your team’s day to day activities providing one place all systems merge and highlight the most important outliers that are causing inefficiencies. Bearex replaces the hassle of excessive resource allocation and expense that would otherwise go towards purchasing a dashboarding tool and hiring both a business analyst and custom app developer.

To learn more about our full process in detail, check out Our Process here.

Where We Came From

As Tom Jurasek, our CEO & Visionary, would say, “Bearex was born out of passion for the importance of connecting – connecting data, connecting employees and connecting great leaders to great results.”

We take pride in our business passion, which is why we look forward to restoring the passion that lies in those who continuously work hard at yours. That’s why you’ll often hear us say it’s about making sure you can start working on your business, not just in it.

Bearex got it’s pillars when a CPA (CEO Tom Jurasek), Dashboard Developer (CTO Stephen Shaffer), and EOS Implementer (COO Andrew Gissal) came together with this shared passion and a first-hand understanding on the importance of accessible information to make better business decisions and drive change forward.

Thomas B Jurasek

Tom – the CEO & Visionary at Bearex, empowering data insights. With a background in CPA and CFO for-hire, Tom strives to simplify and help organizations have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Andrew J Gissal

As COO & EOS Implementer at Bearex, Andrew aims to help entrepreneurial businesses use data to gain traction through his experience in organizational leadership and startup sales & marketing.

Stephen E Shaffer

Steve is the CTO & Head of Dev Ops at Bearex, empowering data insights. Everything from data manipulation, to dashboard design and development, Steve is the go to for helping businesses solve problems by representing data in a usable way.

Tom met Andrew & Stephen when he began building a secondary solution for clients of his CPA firm. Dashboards that connected to their systems started giving leaders a look into the most important information, displayed on charts and graphs rather than spreadsheets. As the solution developed it was evident that there was a high demand, and Bearex was founded as its own entity.

As clients utilized the Bearex Dashboards, a need grew: the ability to capture data that was locked in disparate spreadsheets, note pads, sticky notes, etc. The Bearex Insights Hub was born to incorporate every crucial data entry in order to combine with other systems to tell a complete story. With all the information, a framework to utilize the data to create a culture of accountability and gain traction became clear. Adding EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to the solution would play a pivotal role in not only making the data now accessible, but showcase how to use it in day to day operations. It allows for a seamless cohesion between your systems and the Bearex solution that provides the innate shared knowledge that comes with an internal data analytics implementation, without the risks of wasted resources and lack of qualification.

Which brings us to today, where our team finds ourselves excited to work one-on-one with your team, to get our hands dirty and uncover real opportunities that exist in your data; so that you too, can get back to what matters and stop feeling stuck on repeat.

Ready to Get Started?

Before we dive in, we want to ask you this one invaluable question:

From your most important meeting to your top 3 KPIs, what allows your business to thrive?

The answer may seem universal to every business, but it’s critical to take the time to think about the key components that are distinctly imperative to yours because those are the areas that may be facing the most challenges, but in reality hold the most opportunity to change. If you can answer this, we’re ready to team up together on your journey towards greater data insight and decision-making.

It’s time to let data pave the way instead of standing in the way – and getting started is easy. When you book a demo today, our team will personally follow-up to begin the discovery and system inventory process, keeping your top initiatives in mind at all times.

We look forward to connecting – with your team, to your data, and for your business.

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Andrew Gissal

As COO & EOS Implementer at Bearex, Andrew aims to help entrepreneurial businesses use data to gain traction through his experience in organizational leadership and startup sales & marketing.
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