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Published October 17, 2022, By Andrew Gissal

Client Highlight: Classic Turning

#Client Highlight

Establishing Lean Daily Management


For more than 40 years Classic Turning has been serving a multitude of industries, including aerospace, medical, precision industrial, high performance automotive, industrial machine building, and military. Their goal has always been to provide customers with high-quality precision machined components and assemblies, making their short lead times and efficient delivery system something to count on.

Opportunity – Revamp the Morning Meeting:

When the Bearex and Classic Turning teams first connected, the conversation started at the core of it all, day-to-day operations. For Classic Turning, their morning production meetings were running on a consistent schedule but still sought room for growth and new insight to ensure they were delivering on their commitment towards precision and quality. While each day started with the same general format, the direction of the meeting was often misguided, varying with no rhyme or reason simply because it lacked an agenda built off sound data. 

In order for them to get an accurate read on their daily operational targets and track performance as it stands, standardized data became a necessity for the team to lead the meeting each morning. It meant turning the multiple disparate spreadsheets into one single “source of truth”, connecting all crucial data that drives forward impact for their purpose, people, and process – the 3 pillars of a lean organization. 

When we started digging into the nuts and bolts of their inventory and most used tools, our underlying focus became clear – turn the Morning Production Meeting into a Lean Daily Meeting. 

After laying the groundwork of which spreadsheets, databases and ERP system to connect to, we began to map out the workflows that would guide the team members towards more streamlined decision-making by having an at-a-glance view of their main KPI drivers. These included: 

  • Efficiency 
  • Productivity 
  • Earned Standard Hours (ESH)
  • Scrap %
  • Quality
  • Sales & Intake
  • OTD

With a combined real-time view of these KPIs all at once, the Classic Turning team could then assess current production performance and address areas of concern by analyzing visual patterns in their data – all without worrying about whether information was missing, inaccurate or outdated. 


With complete analysis now at their fingertips every morning, Classic Turning has been able to take control of their data in a new way, making proactive decisions that have a significant impact on upholding their customer’s expectations. As Bearex and Classic Turning continue to partner and discover ongoing ways to adjust, we wanted to highlight the initial results and moments of success so far: 

  • More effective communication across departments
  • Tightened alignment on production needs and scheduling
  • Daily time saved time for morning meeting preparation

Depicted above is a dashboard template to reflect an example of what was created. We do not share the intellectual property and data of our client.


Andrew Gissal

As COO & EOS Implementer at Bearex, Andrew aims to help entrepreneurial businesses use data to gain traction through his experience in organizational leadership and startup sales & marketing.
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