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Note from JAMA: “We have teamed up with your local data insights team, Bearex, to bring an awesome new member benefit. The Bearex Manufacturing Comparative™ has been built from the ground up by the team at Bearex, specifically for all JAMA members. We are excited to bring a more modern approach to sharing information. The previous way to ask questions via email and only have a couple of responses will now be modernized and standardized!”

What is Manufacturing Comparative™?
The Manufacturing Comparative™ provides you access to collective averages for all participating members information in 3 major categories – Finance, HR, & Operations Finance Example: Sales Per Direct Headcount | Average Revenue per square foot HR Example: Starting salary, hiring differential, Average insurance cost to employees Operations Example: Overtime to direct labor % | Average number of shifts On top of this crucial information, we have the ability to ask seasonal questions to provide a way to communicate information.
Where do I find my login credentials?
You received an email from on 9/6/2022 with your login credentials. If you did not receive, please contact
What does it cost?
Nothing, it is now an additional JAMA member benefit
What about data security?

Bearex is COMMITTED to protecting the privacy and data of the visitors to our website. Any data you enter into the Manufacturing Comparative is used for the sole purpose of the Manufacturing Comparative. We do not sell your data. The data shared with Bearex for the Manufacturing Comparative is stored securely and has no identifiable information including personal, health, or financial information. Bearex data storage and privacy standard meets specifications to comply with NIST, ISO, HIPPA and other regulatory standards.

All data collected for the Bearex Manufacturing Comparative is averaged and kept confidential under best practices. If there are any questions please reach out to

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