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Behind every great business is the data that defines it, and behind every successful professional is the passion that got them there.

That’s what makes a story great – those elements that make it true. Through greater data visibility, we too want to help you uncover the story of your business and empower the passion in your people.

Learn about Bearex’s executive team…

Solutions…it doesn’t matter what the problem is, my mind runs on the iterations to determine the best outcomes. It was this way in school, sports and personal life always; I started climbing mountains because it was a problem deemed worth solving; then I began traveling extensively to see unique places in the world like the Golden Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia, a sunset on Isla de Sol in Lake Titicaca, or hiking up Masada at sunrise in eastern Israel.

The business world followed this trend, as a partner at a CPA firm that focused on CFO for hire services. Intense focus on problems worth solving in order to make a daily impact has driven my life from a young age and is now the driving force in my professional career. The daily issue I observed as a CFO for hire was too much data being collected in too many different softwares, underutilized by too many employees during meetings where there was little to no follow-up action.

It is said the greatest ideas are born, not made. Bearex was born out of passion for the importance of connecting – connecting data, connecting employees and connecting great leaders to great results. We put a premium on making a day-to-day impact in businesses by using their data to work on the business, not just in it.

Some paths are made through hard work, some are found as you uncover a talent or passion… the BEST are created from a combination of BOTH!

I remember being interested in statistics from a very young age and intrigued by how information is used in our day-to-day life. As my professional life grew, I found myself working at a data dashboarding company on the executive team, where I was able to help organizations get access to their data and turn it into usable information. This was a perfect fit for the grown-up “statistics freak.”

As I continued to grow my network, I worked with The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Detroit and was introduced to the EOS (entrepreneurs operating system) management system. I saw the impact EOS had on my current and eventually future organizations, and couldn’t help but champion the system and grow my passion for equipping organizations with a clear vision.

Blending these two passions of usable data-driven information and actionable management steps was a no brainer!

Bearex simplifies data processes and provides everyone with the most important information, EOS simplifies actionable management steps, and I partner with leaders to leverage BOTH for your organization’s success.

Have you heard of that puzzle that people say is unsolvable, that problem that hasn’t found an answer, or the issue that seems to have no solution? Most people say, “Steer away; take another path! It’s not worth the wasted time!”… but I can’t help but be drawn to the most difficult problems.

I have always had a knack for finding the answers and my professional path has been no different. I started at an IT help desk, helping others solve their technology issues; and later stepped into a role as a technical solutions architect where I grew my ability of utilizing technology to find a solution. All problems have an answer and it is my passion to find it!

Experiences have taught me that the answers lie in the data. Through collecting, analyzing, and displaying data the answers emerge, and the impossible forms a solution. Bearex harnesses all your data into a usable Insights Hub, where solutions are represented in colorful, easy-to-read charts and action items that your company will use to solve your most difficult problems!

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Support Engineer 1

Bearex has an immediate opening for an entry level support engineer. This individual will have a direct connection with our clients. Problem solving will be their number one skill set to ensure clients are fully utilizing the power of the Bearex Insight Hub. 

About Bearex: Leaders spend too much time being reactionary and manually chasing fires. Our process creates a custom Insights Hub for the organization that connects all the important data, creating a place for data entry, analysis, and providing action steps to improve day to day operations. If they are looking for more accountability, we help them implement a management system called EOS.

Serving multiple industries, Bearex builds a custom data analysis and management system, all held within the Bearex Insights Hub for their clients. Some of the benefits of working in a such a client and solution focused organization are:



You are the one that represents our brand and company when something is needed from our clients. You are able to convey technical information to non-technical stakeholders and team members  —  and vice versa. You are a rock for our clients. You are able to stay calm during a storm, smile at strangers on the street, and think quickly on your feet. To be successful in this role, you should be able to:



It’s critical that you have strong communication, a desire for continued learning, and problem-solving skills. You are a critical thinker, proficient communicator, and a task master. Along with:


Nice to have


To apply, please email your resume and mention this position in the subject line to the hiring staff at

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