Production Monitoring Automated

Monitor OEE, Machine utilization, and downtime for maximum production efficiency nd deep operational insights.

Downtime & Quality

OEE Performance

Downtime & Quality

The Problem

Unlocking accurate, real-time production data is really hard. Most manufacturers manually collect data from their shop floors and enter it into management systems. This is time-intensive and leads to delayed, inaccurate production data that is not actionable.

This results in massive inefficiencies, from an inability to drive process improvements or justify capital expenditures, to unexpected machine downtime and production losses.

The Solution

Continuous improvement in manufacturing starts with capturing data from your operations – specifically your machine assets. The answer is to automate machine data collection to deliver data-driven insights in a matter of minutes.

The data captured from equipment drives immediate insights for both people and systems, enabling them to make better, faster decisions as well as deliver a pulse to management and supervisors.

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