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We empower business leaders to quickly discover insights hidden within your company’s data.

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Become proactive, rather than reactive

Quickly discover profit opportunities

Improve accountability

Spending too much time putting out fires? You’re not alone.
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We harness your data to empower great decisions and help you spot the exceptions

“Bearex has changed the way we run our business.”

Jeff V.
President, Production Saw & Machine Co

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What Makes Bearex Different?

Will help turn disparate and unreliable data into trustworthy dashboards; and ultimately into decision making power.

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Our Story

What does a CPA, Dashboard Developer, and an EOS Implementer have in common? Data, and a first hand understanding on the importance of reliable and accessible information to make informed decisions and drive accountability. 

Tom met Andrew & Stephen when he began building a secondary solution for clients of his CPA firm. Dashboards that connected to their systems started giving leaders a look into the most important information, displayed on charts and graphs rather than spreadsheets. As the solution developed it was evident that there was a high demand, and Bearex was founded as its own entity. 

As clients utilized the Bearex Dashboards, a need grew: the ability to capture data that was locked in disparate spreadsheets, note pads, etc. The Bearex Insights Hub was born to incorporate every crucial data entry in order to combine with other systems to tell a complete story. With all the information, a framework to utilize the data to create a culture of accountability and gain traction became clear. Adding EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to the solution would play a pivotal role in not only making the data now accessible, but showcase how to use it in day to day operations.

We are excited to push the norm and guide our clients to a successful future by harnessing the power of data; more importantly, by making it useful in their day to day operations

Thomas Jurasek, CEO

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